2017 Let’s Read


“When I got my library card, that was when my life began.”

I’m a woman in search of rhythm so when I find something that works, I tend to give it a stamp of approval and declare it a discipline.  For many years, I’ve begun each new year with a sketchy running list of “must reads” for the coming year.

The following titles have made it to my short list for 2017. One of which, America’s Original Sin, I read during the holiday break. For each of these, I share a bit about why I put it on the list.

because I’m a church mission catalyst:

Faithful Presence and Missional Renaissance There’s a new wind blowing in American Christianity and it’s highlighting the need for community engagement and effective outreach in our larger neighborhoods. This coming year, I’ll be participating in a cohort focused specifically on the missional church and I’m excited (gets me up in the morning!) to read deeply and share my thoughts with other catalysts for change.

because I want to love my neighbor well:

Between the World and Me and America’s Original Sin The national election in 2016 brought the issue of white privilege into the news. It’s clear we can no longer ignore the terrible situation faced by many of our african-american and latino friends as they try to “make it” in America.  Coates’ book presents the issue from a first-person perspective and Wallis’ book delivers an indictment with a little push for action to change the situation.

because I crave purpose to my day:

Liturgy of the Ordinary looks interesting. The author, a priest, wife and mother, takes a normal 24 hour day and considers our ordinary actions as times for purposeful work.  I’m always looking for ways to bring Sunday’s teaching into the Monday-Saturday living.

because life’s too short to not read good fiction:

Girls hit the best-seller list Fall 2016 and I can’t resist a little brain candy during my down time. I like to think it keeps me relevant and engaged with the average Barnes and Noble shopper.

The Brothers Karamazov When a classic book is consistently referenced in other books you’re reading,  then it’s time to check it out. I discovered a few years ago that I max out at two classic books a year. The syntax is strange  and I work way too hard to enjoy the story. So, like a good spoon of medicine, I take it and then trust [fingers crossed] that I’m enlightened enough to make the connections.

2017 Summer Reads

It’s no secret…I love to read.  But, it’s been increasingly difficult to balance the heavy dose of non-fiction that fills my office space with the soul-stirring fiction I love to get my hands on.  In honor of summer reading and all that goes along with it (pretzel sticks and wheat thins, grapes, a cool aperol spritz and a nap) here are the books I’ve selected for summer (drats! one is non-fiction)