The story so far…

We live in Escondido, California. I go to Del Lago Academy and like to play, learn, do stuff and eat lunch.


I’ve got more stuffed animals like I have 2 monkeys, a new bear, a bobcat named Bob, and 2 beenie-boos.  I’ve got an owl. That’s it.

This is what I do for fun around the house

Just hanging around
Just hanging around

Pinehurst Elementary’s Colonial Days exhibit

The fifth grade classes combined to present “Colonial Days” to parents and family members in late November.  Each student was responsible for presenting three unique projects about the 13 original colonies as well as perform as part of the 5th grade chorus.  Lilly focused on making peanut butter fudge, writing an advertisement to entice people to move to the New Jersey colony, and visually representing the Triangle Trade Route.

A Spring time visit to the NC Zoo, Asheboro

Do you need a government refresher? Listen as Lilly shares the 10 Amendments