Resources for small group leaders

Recommended Reading

Books I’ve compiled a list of books I’ve found to be particularly helpful in understanding group dynamics, leadership and spiritual formation.

Audio/Visual Learning Resources

Pray as You Go  This site presents guided audio prayer using the Common Lectionary for daily devotions.  We used it in group time for our exercise on The Prayer of Examen.

TED Talks  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and features short presentations on thousands of topics.  We used TED as part of our Fieldwork when learning about listening.  TED presenters are experts in their fields and the conferences take place in a variety of locations around the United States.

Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership This weekly podcast features pastor Ruth Haley Barton, leader of the Transforming Center and a wise voice in developing spiritual leadership among teams. Topics ranges from establishing silence and solitude in your life, appreciating spiritual disciplines and understanding your shadow.

Betwixt A podcast featuring conversations about the intersection of faith and culture.

Useful Websites A website designed by Christianity Today features articles and helpful tips for leaders of small groups. Some resources are available through subscription only, but there is a wealth of free content as well.  I find the site to be most helpful in understanding positive group development.

Leadership Journal Also available in print as a monthly magazine, the Leadership Journal is written for leaders in a ministry context.  Both pastors and small group leaders can benefit from the content which is focused on personal development as well as skills to use in a ministry setting.