Disneyworld 2013

Growing up in Anaheim, I had a love affair with all things Disney. I made numerous trips to Disneyland, Walt’s flagship park, and the best of those visits was Grad Night, the party-all-night celebration for California high school seniors.  I would have been content to simply rely on the classic Disney experience,  but when you live on the East Coast, it seems inevitable that you’ll take a trip to the grand Disney mecca, Disneyworld. Made up of 4 theme parks–Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios–the Florida experience is truly a destination vacation.  We’ve spent several week-long visits in Orlando, and have thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this alternate universe.

When we moved back to the States in Fall 2013, we decided to get acclimated by going to Disneyworld for a full week. We stayed on property at the Pop Century Resort and reveled in this truly American experience. Read the blog for our experience.  4 Reasons we love Disney

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