Normandy and Paris France

One of Tim’s dreams is to retrace the steps of 82nd Airborne soldiers during the Normandy invasion. We think it would take about 3 months of walking through the French countryside along with side trips to England (because many soldiers would finish a mission and return to home base for a little recuperation). Since we are short on time, a visit to Normandy to explore the beginning of the invasion was just perfect for us. We left the kids at home in Germany with Grandma Rietkerk because a trip like this needed to be done alone. 3 days of driving along the coast, stopping in museums and breathing in the salt air was good for the soul. We made our home base in St Mere Eglise the same spot where the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment began their journey. Following our time on the beaches of Normandy, we went to Giverny to see Monet’s gardens and then on to Paris where we saw Monet’s water lily paintings in all their glory. We also spent time in the gardens of Versailles, the Army museum, Notre Dame and strolling along the Seine River. It’s a trip we won’t soon forget.

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