The Netherlands

Being of sturdy Dutch descent, we travelled to the Netherlands twice in 2012. Our first trip was during Spring Break and we focused our attention on the gorgeous tulips of Keukenhof Gardens. We stayed at a farm house in Gouda and squeezed in a city tour of Amsterdam as well as the Apenheul–a monkey zoo! We also visited with Uncle Ed and Aunt Akke who live in Friesland. They ordered in Indonesian food (YUM!) and we got a chance to gaze at the stars with Uncle Ed’s super powerful telescope. 2012 also featured the outstanding gardening skills on display at Floriade, a once every 10 years-type exhibit.

Come summer time, Kristen’s parents joined the family for a “Heritage Tour.” We visited the sites of their childhood, visited Ed and Akke again and toured the Rijksmuseum–Home to “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt. It always feels good to get reacquainted with your roots.