German Alps

One of the enduring images of Germany is my recollection of the movie,The Sound of Music, with Julie Andrews climbing the hills and singing her way across the Bavarian Alps. We were fortunate to schedule a vacation to Berteschgarten and Königsee when the skies and temperatures were absolutely perfect: wispy clouds and warm winds that made hiking in the mountains an absolute pleasure. We spent one day touring Hitler’s sky high mountain retreat at Berteschgarten where a bus brought us quickly to the lodge and we enjoyed a couple of hours enjoying the view of the distant lakes and mountains. Later in the week, we took one day to explore the Königsee and Obersee, resort lakes not too far from Berteschgarten. We paid for transport on an electric boat where the driver stopped in the middle of the lake, blew his horn and we listened to the mysterious echoes from the mountains. Once across the lake, we took a short hike to view a waterfall and enjoy fresh milk from a local dairy. Lilly was determined to bathe in the icy cold mountain stream and promptly stripped down to her bathing suit and declared the water to be delightful.
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