Vienna, the golden city

Waltzing through Vienna; Just can't help it.

Waltzing through Vienna; Just can’t help it.

We woke on Friday morning to SNOW! Finally, after a week of fog and cloudy skies, and a dramatic loss of the 12 inches of snow we received the week before, we had 2 inches of fresh powder. A perfect way to start the day!
Tim had to work a half day and Lauren wanted to go to school so they took off before 8am. It was my job to rally the remaining troops for the trip to Austria. I wisely determined to let “sleeping dogs lie” except in the case of Lady, our real dog. I loaded her up into the van and drove to the kennel for her doggie vacation. This was a very bad idea. As I made my way out of Lupburg and into neighboring villages, I was slipping and sliding all over the road and then I came upon a hill. A minor hill in normal weather but in the van on a slick and snowy morning, I lost traction and promptly found myself on the side of the road–stranded. As the capable, gifted and can-do gal that I am, I called Tim. He slowly made his way from post and helped right the vehicle. I refused to drive the van any farther and quickly settled myself into the driver’s seat of the Volvo. I followed Tim and the dog to the kennel and then we made our way S-L-O-W-L-Y back home.
By noon, Tim and Lauren were back at home and the family proceeded to pack the car for the 4 hour drive to Vienna. We soon realized that although the autobahn was clear of snow and ice, most drivers were understandably cautious and traffic moved at a consistent safe pace. And, the snow continued to fall. And, it was the shortest day of the year. And, we couldn’t see a thing. All adding up to a very weary drive. After a late meal at McDonalds, we rolled into Vienna around 8pm and the first sight we came upon: Schonbrunn Palace. It was a treat to behold all decked out in golden lights and floodlit to announce to passersby how grand the building really is. The girls exclaimed: We LOVE this city!”

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