2018 6-week reading binge

In March, I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands.  While attending to long-neglected household tasks (cleaning the attic, cleaning closets, cleaning the fridge…) I also thought this could be a good time to sink into the comfy living room couch and get lost in a story.  It wasn’t long before my wish list at the Escondido Library was filled and I went home with a good stack of fiction.  And, because life is too short to just read fiction,   I pulled out two new ministry-related books that have been teasing me.  It’s been a very enjoyable spring!


Prince William strikes a pose

The braces are off!  Here are the first pics of William showing off his famous Postma-Rietkerk smile and one pic of Will trying hard to be serious.  Thank You Hidden Valley Ortho for 2 years of fabulous service.