Having a wild time

They really are that close!

Our safari adventure began with a short flight from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara, making some pitstops to drop off and pick up other tourists in the area. At our destination point, we were greeted by Nelson, a super friendly and engaging guy who would be our driver for the next few days. We hopped into our truck, cracked open some beers and made our way to Olonana Safari Lodge, about a 30 minute trip from the airstrip. We could haven’t been more pleased to be assigned to the Geoffrey Kent Suite–we have no idea how it happened but we weren’t going to mention anything to the staff. A gorgeous living space with two suites, one for the girls and one for me and Tim. The two patios and infinity pool made it a lovely spot to watch our very own hippos doing their thing in the river below. Our time on the Mara started soon after we arrived. After dropping off our luggage at the house, we ate lunch and then got in the truck for our first game drive. My first impression is that the imagineers at Disneyworld’s Kilimanjaro Safari got it right:

1)The radio does crackle and buzz all the time. The safari guides make good use of the radio, the static punctuated by different voices updating animal sightings

2)The safari ride is super bumpy. You do swing from side to side trying to cross makeshift bridges and when your guide goes off-roading, the truck speeds forward and then abruptly comes to a stop to navigate a ditch or pothole.