Wine Tasting in Regensburg

As we say in the Rietkerk house, “We haven’t met a red wine we don’t like.”  But, you can’t be considered a true wine aficionado until you have been properly educated.  As part of the Hohenfels Wine Club, my goal is to get me some education in a fun and engaging environment. This month’s outing was to Bert’s Wine Express in Regensburg.  The evening featured wines from Portugal and was ably hosted by Dominic, a young wine enthusiast.  We learned the basics of wine tasting and then tried out our new skills on 8 featured selections.  What I most appreciated about the evening was Dominic’s enthusiasm for wine, including his robust excitement at smelling selection #5 and exclaiming, “Yes! Time for a BBQ!”  And, I have to admit, the wine recalled for me thoughts of bacon, smokey-ness and outdoor parties.  Other smells we tapped into: sour, green apple, oak cask, antique shop, grandma and even yeast.  Our wine selections were enhanced with terrific tapas and lively conversation with 20 of my wine friends.  We concluded the evening with a small glass of port, that great sweet Portuguese elixir and then hot coffee.

Enjoying the wines of Portugal at Bert's Wein Express

Enjoying the wines of Portugal at Bert’s Wein Express