We must have been fish at one time

Any who knows a Rietkerk knows they love water.  So it was especially entertaining to have both a backyard pool and the ocean at our disposal for the vacation.  Upon our arrival to Oahu the only thing on our minds was, “How long till we get into the water?”

Backyard Pool Fun

Everyone has that crazy uncle who does things your dad wouldn’t do but because he’s the crazy uncle he gets away with it and everyone loves him? That’s our Uncle Jason…daredevil extra-ordinaire!  We discovered a stash of old boogie boards at the rental house and it didn’t take Jason long to challenge everyone to a surfing contest…in the pool!  Young and young at heart tried their best to balance on the boards; more often than not, contestants sank straight to the bottom. But once in awhile, the spectators went wild as someone managed to “hang on” as they “surfed across the pool.


Boogie Boarding

Those boogie boards that we used in the pool came in handy once we made our way to the beach.  First stop, Sandy Beach on the far-east side of the island. Hey you locals, we know what you’re thinking: “Dudes, are you crazy?”  Picture this:16 slightly sun-burnt out of shape folks walking determinedly to the most dangerous boogie-boarding beaches in all of Oahu. And we didn’t make it more than 20 steps onto the sand before we were approached by a friendly lifeguard.  “I see you’re tourists, you might want to go a bit further up the road to Sherwood Forest.  You’ll have some good safe action at that beach. And, we promptly turned around…after we heard that a woman had died at Sandy Beach just the day before.

The lifeguard was right: Sherwood Forest was a wonderful stop for our family.  Plenty of waves, few rocks and lots of sun. A little piece of heaven.