Lilly’s Recipe

schoolsignLilly’s Recipe for a Successful School Year

Ingredients include…

1 cup of amazing friends
30 loving teachers
a greal principal
12 supportive parents
Lots of respectful students
Amazing volunteers


First, mix 1 cup of amazing friends with 30 loving teachers
Next, add a great principal
The, cover in 12 supportive parents with lots of respectful students
After that, place amazing volunteers with a great library
Then, mix fast computers for the whole school and arrange some challenging homework.
Next, add 2 cups of fun and top with a pool with turtles.
Add 1 liter of a volleyball court with 8 oz of surfing
Then sprinkle with 1 Tbs of 20 Min breaks. Stire with a miniature golf course.

Last, remove all bullies and seal it with a great day!

Now you have a recipe for a great school year!