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The beginning of spring soccer season

The beginning of spring soccer season

It’s been a cold and wet winter in Pinehurst.Though compared to our neighbors up north, we’ve had it pretty mild. The kids finally started their spring soccer season this weekend. Although practices have been scheduled for the past 3 weeks, they’ve been cancelled several times due to weather conditions and the game last week was rained out. Which always makes Tim comment: “Cancelled for rain? In Seattle we played in the rain all the time.” For me, however, I hate sitting in the cold and wet watching the kids play so sunny Carolina days are exactly the way I like it. This was the first game for both kids; Will’s team played first at 9am at the Morganton Field, a nice soccer complex with 6 gorgeous fields about 10 minutes from our home. Our season fees pay for field upkeep, game refs as well as 2 team jerseys. In 10 years of playing rec soccer, this has to be the best run organization we’ve come across. Will’s team did well today, blowing out the other team something like 10-0. Obviously, they weren’t evenly matched but it sure does make a kid happy when their team dominates the game.

Lilly’s game was a different story. Lilly went ahead to start warming up while Will’s team finished their game. When we walked over about 10 minutes after the game started, we noticed that Lilly was on the sidelines. Not a problem, except she was having a great old time laughing and carrying on with some teammates.  Tossing a ball in the air, laying down and looking at the clouds…she continued like this throughout the whole game. Now, in her defense, Lilly emphatically stated she didn’t want to play soccer anymore.  I guess you can lead a kid to the field, but you can’t make her kick.

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Every girls' game ends with a tunnel.  It's got to feel good to be celebrated no matter the score.

Every girls’ game ends with a tunnel. It’s got to feel good to be celebrated no matter the score.