Steppin Up to 7th Grade

The three kids had their last day of school today and it was quite a celebration. Lindsey and I attended the final Awards Ceremony for the 3rd-6th graders of Hohenfels Elementary. For 2 LONG hours, we listened to the names of every solder who ever volunteered at the school during the past year; it was quite exhausting. You can tell an event has lost it’s sparkle when the majority of audience members are scrolling through texts and posts on their phones. Near the end of the ceremony, Will, along with 12 other 6th graders, was recognized for outstanding academic achievement and he received a letter and certificate signed by President Barack Obama. The principal read the letter out loud and then called the 6th grade students forward to collect their awards. We are so proud of Will and Lindsey suggested we frame his certificate with her presidential coin–a nice piece of memorabilia.

The 6th grade class celebrated their promotion to the 7th grade with a special dance and lunchtime meal the day before “graduation.” Parents decorated The Zone, a large dance hall on post, with glittery stars and paper lanterns to set the festive mood. The students enjoyed a catered meal from our favorite Italian restaurant, Il Cigno in Parsberg, and then boogied for the next hour before school was dismissed. Will asked me and Tim to please eat and run before the dancing began. He was afraid we’d cramp his style. I followed his wishes, after getting a pic of him sharing his moves.