European Trips To the North

Home is where the Army sends us.  Watch a video about our quaint little village, Lupburg.


Our European adventures in northern Germany and the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. Click on a picture below to see a photo gallery from our visit. 

Cruise ship


Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to take a cruise on the Baltic Sea? If so, check out the following links to read about our summertime adventure. Cruising the Baltic; Exploring Copenhagen; All Aboard!; Day at Sea; Stockholm; Estonia; Behind the Iron Curtain; From Russia, with Love;


And, if you want to know what life is like for a teenager with so many places to go, so little to do…check out this video  Lauren’s Summer Fun




Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany


Urban, gritty Berlin…a true city-dweller’s dream. To read more,click through the following links Berlin Bound; Berlin’s Must Do List;







Countryside near Gruyere, Switzerland



Yes, the hills are perfect for Heidi to romp around. Cheese, chocolate, cows, oh my! Our time in Swiss-land found in the following linksSanctuary; Rapunzel’s Chocolate; A Swiss Road Trip.





The Netherlands

The Netherlands


The mighty Dutch never fail to impress us. Read about reconnecting with our MotherLand in the following posts. Like Disneyland; iAMsterDAM; Keukenhof Gardens; Life in a Dutch Village; Family Time;







Paris, France

Paris, France with the Kids


Paris is for Lovers, so we’ve been told. But this time, we took the kids. A 4 day whirlwind of family fun. Read more here… Vive la France; We Love the Louvre; It’s good to be King; French Gothic Style.







Paris for Couples

Paris for Couples


We returned to Paris without the kids following our time in Normandy. It was a magical visit where we did those things the kids hate..museums, long walks on the river and gazing at the Eiffel Tower. Falling in love with Paris;   Monet’s Garden.




82nd Airborne personal items

82nd Airborne personal items


A life-changing visit to Normandy, France where we walked on the seashore and remembered the Great War. Learning from history; Abbey Mont St Michel and Rouen; Normandy, France; DDay Invasion and Normandy; Trying to move on from WWII.




London, England

London, England


We had a jolly good time in England. It was a whirlwind tour of everything royal–Buckingham Palace, Henry VIII, Tower of London and a few museums tossed in for quality learning.   London Calling, Off With Her Head!

One thought on “European Trips To the North

  1. Yay! Thank you for sharing! I was just planning a trip to Berlin when I saw your posts. So many trips that we can explore here, it has definitely helped in our plans! Cheers!

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