Overheard from Lilly…

Lilly in the tree

Lilly in the tree

Here’s a collection of our favorites from Lilly…

Thanksgiving 2014
(as we make our way around the table declaring what we’re thankful for…) I’m thankful I’m not touring any castles or palaces.
June 2014
(While waiting for the Symphony to begin) I’d rather be at church right now.
January, 2014
It sure feels good to be completely honest now. (wondering when the parents are going to be called to the Principal’s office)
July 7, 2013 (desperate for dinner, Tim stops into the local tourist office for directions) Why do we have to go in there. We came here to eat, not to learn.
June 2, 2013 (while Lilly sits to watche giddy high school girls get ready for prom)
I kinda feel bad about all the makeup in the bathroom because I am just regular me. I feel guilty that I don’t wear any and when you guys do, you don’t look any different.
May 2013
I don’t hang out with girlie girls…I don’t get their theology of unicorns, puppies, purple and pink.
February 2013 (Versailles, France…on Lilly’s decision to sit at the entrance gates and wait for us to return…)
If all palaces are built to look like Versailles,
AND we’ve seen all the palaces in Europe,
is it still necessary to see Versailles?
January 2013
Can a democrat marry a republican?
January 2013
As Lindsey packed to return to college….”No, please stay. When you leave, the beatings begin.”
December 2012
I can handle cathedrals…they are only one room.

October 2012
While Tim and I discussed great philosophers and the meaning life, I said, That’s what it means to be human. Every human asks…Why am I here? Why was I created?” Lilly shakes her head and says, “Nope. I’ve never asked that question.”
September 2012
After a day touring old town Bamberg…”You know what I love about America? It has no history!”
August 2012
“What? Lauren’s still in high school? I thought she was leaving for college. No one tells me anything.”

April 2012
“he told me to take my ponytail out. He likes my freestyle hair.”
May 2012
“When I go to college I’m not going to a smart school. I’m going to a party school!”